Stop Gunviolence Campaign of Barack Obama

Obama is choosing sides against firearms, which being very easy to come by, make US citizens very deadly to each other. Its not that americans love guns, gun firing in itself triggers a love response according to scientific studies, so guns are addictive if you shoot them often. Guns are also big business. Fearfull, fat and out of shape gun owners will stock up on ammo and weapons without any need for such deadly force. In other countries gun death rates are lower (0,5 per 100.000 citizen instead of 3.5) simply because people don't have guns. Less kids die of guns as well in those countries, because they can't find them in their home, play with it and kill themselves or other kids. The US gun lobby and producers really have had free reign for decades, causing for instance the homeland security department to buy almost all ammo at some point. The US has the army with piles of guns, CIA, FBI, HS and a bunch of idiot open carry morons that should be classed as exhibitionists in our book. Get rid of the guns, the mentality and the nasty lobby asap!

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